Find out what it's really like to work in the fast paced world of TV! From rules about hair and makeup to how  to get talent to talk. We discuss it all. 

Coming up...The shock Bachelor split that has sparked debate over whether a winner's contract exist...Could TikTok be the death of Instagram? AND the rise of the blended last name.

We hope you enjoy our insightful chat with co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Frank Body, Jess Hatzis. The talented writer turned entrepreneur is beyond inspiring. From launching a blog, which turned into a well-respected brand agency at 23, to starting one of the biggest beauty brands in the world; there's not much Jess can't do. We talk all things marketing, influencers, side hustles and why we need to stop using the term 'female entrepreneur.'  


On today's episode: The pressures of the dirty 30's, why celebrating Christmas early can be good for your health and the most underrated reality show on television this year. 

Today we are joined by the smart, funny and talented Erin Bell. Not only did Erin excel on the netball court, having represented her country at the elite level, but she created a successful side hustle that helps kids realise their dreams.

We discuss why Schapelle Corby deserves every cent from her new book, dissect power couples and reveal one side hustle that might be going too far... 

We're joined by the stunning and hilarious Martha Kalifatidis from Married At First Sight. Martha shares what it was really like being on Australia's most popular reality show, discusses life before MAFS, talks all things trolls and bulling and reveals her and Michael's secret new project. 


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On today's episode we reveal the whopping pay packet you need to earn to live like a top influencer, the split we all saw coming AND why millennials are spending billions on Halloween.

On today's podcast we reveal what it's really like being identical triplets. 

On today's episodes the Bachelor's double standards, why vacations with friends can be a recipe for disaster, just who is ViSCO girl and is MAFS's Jessika Power set to crash the Love Island Villa?

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