On today's show we dissect the return of Big Brother. We dish on all the housemates, reveal the truth behind those 'backyard Survivor' accusations and provide our honest opinions on all those changes!

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On today's show, Love Island stars Molly Mae and Tommy Fury open up about the death of their Pomeranian puppy, Mr Chai, who was imported from Russia... We discuss the highly anticipated new season of Bachelor in Paradise... AND the Bogey.

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On today’s episode we talk all things beauty, business and influencer marketing with, Sarah Hamilton, who co-founded popular beauty brands Bella Box and Sand and Sky. Sarah and her twin sister Emily have grown their subscription beauty service to over 40k subscribers and in the process have seen off 13 competitors in their 9 years of business. Sarah shares her advice on how to get started in the industry and explains how you can make your mark on the business world.



On today’s show we discuss the controversy surrounding Sarah’s Day’s latest active wear campaign. The popular Youtuber was forced to pull her campaign with White Fox Boutique after being accused of cultural appropriation. We also discuss the latest Bachie break up and the latest Master Chef PR disaster.



Saffron Barker Youtube

Sarah’s Day Cancelled?

On today's show we’re joined by the amazing Cherie Louise. The 28-year-old from Melbourne is a model, writer and disability advocate who isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. At just six years of age Cherie sadly lost her leg to cancer and just last year she was cast into the media spotlight after vile trolls bullied her for merely revealing the fact she’s an amputee. We talk all things modelling, high school, falling in love, dealing with fu**wit bullies online, fighting back and how Cherie is changing the media landscape for the better. 

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The episode touched on issues surrounding sexual assault. Cherie spoke about the article below, which is an extremely important and interesting read:




On today's episode we dissect Jade Tunchy's controversial Instastory, discuss sneaky Insta-boyfriends who've been caught out liking raunchy photos and reveal more awkward turtle stories. Please join us on our Facebook group "Outspoken Podcast Community' to join in the conversation.

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On today's show we dissect 'that review' and discuss how detrimental 1 star reviews can be for small businesses. We also discuss some of our fave female led podcasts and our motivations for starting our own.



On today's show we dissect the sudden rise of hit podcast Shameless and what happens when you turn into the subject you critique. We also discuss the new Melbourne influencer clique which rivals Taylor Swift's former girl gang and reveal the secret Bachie relationship that could derail Bachelor in Paradise.

Today we're joined by MAFS fave, Mishel Karen. The stunning 49-year-old talks all things career, sisters and provides amazing goss on what really went down on MAFS. A big thanks to today's sponsor of the show, JS Health Vitamins. Outspoken listeners can receive 10% off at the checkout when they use the code 'Outspoken.' https://jshealthvitamins.com/

On the show we discuss our fascination with watching influencers undertake mundane, daily tasks and confess we do enjoy a bit of 'hate' following... but within reason. We also dissect the latest reality TV news and Sophie reveals yet another 'awkward turtle' story. 

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